ed[YOU]cator Spotlight - Allyson Reed

ed[YOU]cators this is my first blog post on the website and I'm honored to write it in honor of Allyson Reed. Ms. Reed is not only a good friend, but a POWERHOUSE of an educator. We met in the summer of 2013 in Miami, FL. We were both new to Miami and to teaching...and fresh out of college. We had no idea what we had signed up for but we quickly became each others support systems. 

Ms. Reed teaches at Miami Northwestern High School, GO BULLS! She has taught a range of general and advanced placement social sciences classes to students in ninth through twelfth grade. This past academic year, both of our third years in the classroom, Ms. Reed decided she had had enough of the injustices she saw day in and day out being done to the school's community. So she decided to begin to empower her students by helping them identify their voices and how their influence could impact local, state, and national political decision making. She started the group Close Up and worked tirelessly to raise $17,000 to take roughly twenty students to our nation's capitol at the end of the school year. With the help of her fellow MNW teachers, the community surrounding MNW, the greater Miami community, and her network across the country Ms. Reed was able to reach the fundraising goal. On June, 2016, Ms. Reed met her goal and on June 26th her and her students boarded their plane to D.C. 

To say that Ms. Reed is the definition of what it means to be an #edyoucator is an understatement. She is a true example of when teachers persevere, kids win every time. I'm blessed to call her a friend and colleague!

-LaTrice Lyle, Founder of ed[YOU]cator LLC.


Some of Ms. Reed's students getting ready to board the airplane to Washington D.C.

Some of Ms. Reed's students getting ready to board the airplane to Washington D.C.